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MMI has been engaged in a number of major projects. If you are interested in developing similar projects please contact us - see also the research pages for research projects.
Using VR in developing writing: We have been running a small project with four primary schools looking at how the use of immersive technologies (especially 360 images) can help children in the primary school to develop their descriptive writing or setting descriptions. This involves a quasi-experimental approach comparing the use of flat and immersive imagery.
Using VR in education: We have been involved in a number of projects looking at the use of virtual and augmented reality in teaching and learning in UK classrooms. This has included the use of both standalone and smart phone headsets in the teaching of English, geography, science and general primary classrooms.
Using eBooks with children: In a whole series of projects we have been looking at the development of e-books both by students in the University and by children in classrooms. Over the last 4-5 years we have written and published 200+ e-books In areas as diverse as primary science, sustainable education, global education, cross curricular teaching and the teaching of English as a foreign language.
Interactive eBooks for Primary Science: Looking at the creation of interactive eBooks for primary science offering a range of artefacts and materials for the creation of eBooks.
Stories for Science: Looking at the options to develop the teaching of primary school science via the stimulus of stories. How can we use stories to 'start us off' on the exploration of science ideas.
REsilience: A major project across the UK looking at the teaching of contentious issues. MMI wasinvolved as a project partner delivering CPD to schools in the East Midlands region helping them to develop an understanding of the nature of contentious issues and the pedagogies to aid in teaching these with young people.
A webinar for RE: MMI developed an on-line CPD course for Initial Teacher Education to support the use of technology in the classroom and developed an on-line forum and teaching space using Web 1.0 and 2.0 technologies for PGCE students.
On-line Collaboration: MMI developed a collaboration tool for the major professional RE groups in their on-line presences. This included AREIAC, AULRE, NATRE, NASACRE and Shap. Working via the auspices of the Religious Education Council.

CPD for Initial Teacher Education: As part of a continuing project to enhance the skills and pedagogy of religious education MMI was involved in a number of ITE institutions to help students to embed the use of ICT in lesson planning, resource preparation, assessment and student achievement. An on-line learning tool is being developed to aid this.

The Science and Religion in Schools site: This major project €600,000 funded by the Templeton Project ran for 5 years. MMI are providing IT and web support. Link.

Education Photos: This exciting new project developed an on-line and CD-ROM photo resource for teachers in schools of all ages and in all subjects. Link.
Webquests for RE: A set of tools to enable effective use of the internet for teachers of RE, these self-contained units offered RE teachers ways to get pupils using research tools which move them up the Bloom ladder of cognitive development.
Powerpoints for RE: A tool to provide a range a quality teacher input for RE teachers to use on interactive whiteboards or video projectors.
Multipath Narratives: Working in association with Terrence Copley MMI developed this 'RE detective stories' into a web-based format for schools to use with KS2 - KS3 pupils.
The Big Picture for RE : MMI worked with NATRE to develop an on-line resource to support teaching and learning in RE within the parameters of the QCDA "big picture". This includes video support and teaching support materials for assessment, planning and development.
The New Secondary Curriculum: MMI provided support in the East Midlands and beyond on integrating the curriculum in the new secondary model. This has included the development of personal learning and thinking skills.
Heritage Trails: MMI was involved in the development of a website and support materials to help teachers take students on a 'religious or heritage trail'. You can see more about this at the following link

The use of resources: MMI was involved in the major investigation into the use of resource in the teaching of religions and in its contribution towards community cohesion. MMI was involved in the audit of resources and in the case studies of practice. MMI provided Curriculum Advice to this major collaboration between the BBC and the Open University.
Teaching Tough Questions: MMI provided research skills for the development of this Templeton funded project for teaching in schools. More about this exciting new resource can be found on the RE Today website.
The BECTa ICT Advice site: As England's major gateway to ICT materials to support the curriculum the BECTa ICT advice is using MMI as consultancy to provide curriculum support and materials; as well as partaking in a research project on the use of ICT in RE. This is now in Phase V and MMI and Becta have been collaborating since 2003.